Went to priest yeseryday. Great day fishing over 30 on buzzbait.
Several in the 3# range.
But on way back, hole shot lots of vibration and she wont plane. Idle down and she starts making a muffled thump, every so often. almost like a backfire.
Everytime she thumps a small amount of white smoke from under cowling. Get back to ramp, put her in neutral...go back to put in gear and shifter is real tight, finally get shifter in gear position but no gears forward or reverse.
Whats your thoughts? Bad linkage? Spun Hub?
I try to fix these things myself, last month rebuilt my trim pump for $40 verses a best case qoute of $300. Any advise would be appreciated.
By the way...Its a 97 Evinrude 225. Thanks