Managed to pull a double Thursday. Arrowed a 5 1/2 year old doe at 4:25 p.m. and ten minutes later two hens came to the pond I was hunting to drink. Birds at 25 yards with their beaks in the water. My arrow scraped the wing bone joint as it passed throug the lungs. The turkey came up the pond band and crawled int some weeds beside the woods. I heard her answer a yelp from the other hen, then silence. Waited a few minutes then got down to check hen. She was dead in the weeds.
The doe on the other hand was not that easy. The doe was at 6 yards traveling fairly fast. The arrow entered the legt lung and exited through the liver and intestines. I found it stuck in the ground covered in blood at the shot sight. I had a visual on the deer for the first 75 yards then lost it in the woods. There was not a single drop of blood to be found anywhere. I'm guessing the internal organs or intestines blocked the hole and the blood stayed in the body cavity. Without a blood trail, I started walking arcs at 50 yard intervals in the direction the deer was headed. Found her around 6:oo p.m. about 300 yards from where she was shot. No blood even at the crash site except for the small amount on the deers body.
Two lessons here: Stay on alert, even after a shot for targets of opportunity, and don't give up just because you don't have a blood trail.