Killed this guy at 6:15 this evening at a fence crossing on an oak flat while following a 1 1/2 old deer. He acted like something wasn't quite right and turned to leave. Unfortunately for him he was 20 yards away and offering a perfect quartering away shot. The Muzzy tipped arrow hit him 3/4 the way back of his ribs getting both lungs and the heart before exiting through the forward portion of the front leg on the opposite side. The deer ran hard with his tail down and tucked, stumbling and falling once before getting back up and going another 15-20 yards. Total distance covered was about 80 yards. Can't say I very pleased with the muzzy on this one. The deer's dead and the chest cavity was absolutely full of blood but the entrance wound and the exit wound were rather small in my opinion at least compared to past kills. If I hadn't seen the direction the deer ran and having saw it crash this would have been a very difficult trail to have followed especially since everything was wet following the recent rain. I think this is more of an exception as I've usually had some excellent results with the 100gr 3 blade muzzy.

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Here we go again!!