Got myself out into the woods on Thursday, my traditional day off. Dang, was colder than I thought it was gonna be! Sat for a while, and spent a lot of time scouting terrain. Turned a bend in the path and startled two big does, who bailed out in different directions on each side of the trail. I thought, what the heck, one might cross over to join the other. Wasn't too many minutes later I see a foot and head poke out. Deer took two steps, stood sideways and stared at me. I drew, pinned, released.

Oh the sound that the catcher's mitt makes from a solid fastball!

Gave it thirty minutes, but was concerned about the tracking I may have to do through a jungle of clearcut area. Found bright blood, and my deer was only 40 yards away piled up. Somehow, though, it had lost about half of its body mass!

Turns out it wasn't a big doe at all, but a little yearling buck, didn't even have buttons. Definitely not my preferred target, but I'm glad to have made a solid hit and was blessed with an easy recovery.

I tell folks I had to wait at full draw for four minutes. Had to let that last spot fade before I shot it!

Some hunt for racks, some hunt for roasts. I hunt for sheer joy; the aforementioned items are merely fringe benefits.