Here is a post he put on another board about "rednecks"
My modus operandi is to get as many fly fishing and C&R types involved with the Caney Fork to counter act the inbred redneck mentality that seeks to destroy everything including their front yards with vehicles on blocks….

I will show any of you that like, everything I know about the river….you will catch rainbows over 18” and I will show you what you need to know about catching and finding these fish on your own…..all you have to do is write a well throughout letter to the TWRA asking for slot limits on the Caney fork river for rainbow trout and ask to raise the retention size on brown trout…….if you throw in something nice about Frank Fiss being against the modern anglers and only seeking to waste the states resources…..I’ll show you the big fish holes the spots you need to fish and how to fish them…..

Oh and yet another from another board. Folks you have been hard on some of us fly fisherman but please see this jerk for what he is. The same threads on national boards? I guess he is trying to help all the rednecks in the world get the cars out of their yard. His posts have been nothing but a crass attempt to take a cheap shot at the TWRA and a fishing guide who he has a fued with.

I don't think you or anyone else owns it....but I am more than happy to have more fly fishing and C&R types on it....I am sure as hell not going to keep it just for your guide friends....

I don't want florida to myself.....just some fish to catch....I will work to limit commercial fishing long lineing....I think it is the responsible thing to do....

I'll still show anyone who wants to how to fish the Caney Fork....right now the only people asking are bait and hardware fisherman.....guess the fly guys are too good for me. I can accept that. I'll have more posts to follow......until the river is dead

These are verbatim quotes from scrubs himself. I just wanted everyone to take moment and think about the whole situation. I will add that I cant post the PM's, against tndeer policy, where he commented how he was posting on a site full of meat hunters... I could give a crap what type fisherman you are but when you TRY to harm a resource intentionally I have zero tolerance.
I will add that after reading the camo'd diatribe from scrubs I am starting to think tubs aint that bad,