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This is my youngest son Hunter & I after a GREAT turkey hunt. He was 13 yrs old & this was the 1st Gobbler that he did it all by himself. He got the bird to gobble about noon, moved to the left to a little meadow, stuck a hen decoy up, a few clucks & yelps, Gobbler double & triple gobbling. About 20 mins. later, Hunter hasn't called in about 5 mins, the bird gobbles & I tell Hunter the bird is looking for you now. He gives 1 cluck & the big boy gobbles again & then we get to watch him strut in for about 70 yards. We had a friend of mine with us who had never been on a turkey hunt & Hunter let the bird put on a show. We watched the Gobbler from 18 yards stay in full strut for about 3 min. Spittin & drummin & then Hunter laid the smack down on the big tom. 10 3/4 in beard 1 1/4 in spurs 22 lbs. This hunt tops the list of GREAT turkey hunts I have been fortunate to be a part of. My friend had his camera with him & he made this picture of Hunter & myself walking back to the truck (I carried the boy's gun for him). My friend showed me all of the pictures he took except for this one. He had this picture framed & my son gave it to me for Father's Day. GREAT gift. I hope you enjoy the pic as well as the story.

Oh yeah, I just got a scanner to scan this pic to the computer, that is why I am posting it. This hunt took place 6 years ago.