Radar and all of you that are more experienced than yours truly. I haven't been shooting my Mathews as well as I want...the shots are "kills" but I don't just shoot for kills I like to practice and get as close a group as I can. I went to the bow shop yesterday for the first tune up and talked to him about it. He is a competition shooter and seems to know his stuff. The grip on my Mathews DXT fits my hand like a glove...however, it turns my hand in such a way that unless I'm careful the string rips the bone out of my forearm!! I was shooting with my recurve arm protector on...He watched me shoot and said I didn't hold each shot the same way with my grip. He said I could change my grip to a "blockier" one and that would solve my problem or I could turn my hand so that the Mathews grip was on the pad of my hand under my thumb. The new grip was $50+ bucks so I didn't buy it. I came home and practiced for an hour and it feels unnatural to shoot the way he told me however I shoot better that way...Today my hand and arm are sore from holding the bow that way...even my last three fingers are sore. I like to know what you think about this? I did not have this problem with my Proline...What would you do?
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