I am back from Alaska and this adventure on Kodiak has been one of the best trips Iíve been on.
The salt water fishing for silver salmon was great but the wind was too high for the halibut. By the time our baits reached bottom (200í) the boat would drift over two hundred feet and the bait just bumped along. Still got a couple but they were small.
Everyone limited out on silvers. Below is a photo of my cousin and myself with the largest silver I landed. That big boy weighed 15 pounds.

After a few days of trolling we loaded the beaver pictured below for a five night camping and float trip from Uganik Lake via the Uganik river back to the bay. The kids in the picture live there year round and always meet any plane or skiff that lands at their beach.

Next is our first camp site and some random river shots. We spend two nights here and lost count of the number of dollies we caught.
That bear fished just across from the campsite, but he was not very photogenic.

Next we set up camp on an island between a couple of deep holes that held lots of silver salmon. My best silver below caught on eight pound test tipped the scale at 16 pounds. We spent three nights on the island with our resident bear. The last morning he was within thirty yards of camp fishing. He was getting use to us so it was time to move on.

If I can find my other card I will post some pictures of some really big bears we saw as we floated down the river.