A trying piece of water at times. Real hog country when the time is right.

Here is the TWRA map site 6 on it is the blowups below. I recomend using mapquest to scout the shoals, but I can't capture it and edit it properly yet.



Now just some info.

The most upstream red mark on the map is what my pals and I call the chute. It is a narrow section of fast deep water. When you get the right sun and water with a pair of polarized glasses on you will be sure to see a trout over 10lbs. It is a hog spot, stockers come over that thin water above it and perish. Be warned this water should be run first carefully to understand the underwater trees before fishing it.

Once you get below the start of the chute big fish can be anywhere. The deep hole created by the Smith fork is very tough to fly fish, but hardware should be a no brainer. The sand bar on the creek side of the river is ideal for wading. The two green marks indicate the most likely region for wading across the river. Worth a look for redds.

From here on down river the outside of the bend is filled with timber and deep water. It rarely fishes well for me on the fly rod, but I don't fish streamers. I think all the yellow dots are good approximations of places to focus on.

I have seen more huge walleye in this section of river than any other. Almost took my spinning gear to go after them, but not worth it to me. Take a look on a sunny day. Walleye over 5lbs are there for sure.

Now for the money.....right were the blue text congo bottoms starts is some serious trout water. And worth keeping a close eye on the next two months. Good fast water. Between the 2 I-40 bridges always has a large brown. I know tubs has been there his plugs are on every submerged piece of wood. The section 100 yards upstream from the first bridge to 100 yards below the second is broken bed rock, mostly. The fish can be sitting anywhere, and one of the tricky parts it that the big fish often sit mid stream, in often the most "boring" bottom structure. WARNING: Below the second bridge can be tricky fast and shallow water. First time through I would run it before fishing it.

Around the bend below I-40 down to the first set of rocks that jut out to mid river is flat out guaranteed big fish 365. If you aren't catching fish over 18 inches here you aren't fishing correctly. Buddy and I went 24 over 18 on rainbows down through here in one 3 hour period. Three over 20 inches. And this was fishing flies from 16-20. Imagine what hardware could do! I have broken fish off on 8lb tippet and size 8 scuds here and having never seen them. No submerged timber either.

The fish sit mid river at and above the nipple. Be prepared, work the entire area. Best plan is to drift through and use polarized glasses to scan for fish. Motor back up and pound them, the motor will not turn these fish off, they will be back in 2 minutes, only water level moves them. This area should be watched closely the next 2 months.

Possible sleeper spot. The backside of the island for the chute. This is mostly shallow gravel, but the fish may decide that this is the place to spawn with all the deep water below and above. Easily accessed by the states access point 6 at Kirby road.

Good Luck,

Now post some pics of that big one