Just got back from Lake Chicot, down near the Ark/LA border. We had our final 2-day club tourney there and it was a good 'un despite the winds and storms. We wore 'em out. Found a bunch of fish in practice, but didn't want to burn it out so we backed out and ran awhile and found other places to fish. Sat. rolls around and the winds were howling around 25 mph and Lake Chicot is just one big "C" shaped oxbow off the MS. river. No where to get out of the wind really other than a few canals. We decided to stay on the main lake and it payed off. We got on fish and caught around 20, but only 2 would measure to meet the 15" minimum. We caught the fish on 3/4 oz. Chartreuse/White spinnerbaits and Bagley Balsa "B" 3 inch, wide wobbling crankbaits, that run 0-4 ft deep. The last hour of the tourney, we run down to the lower end of the lake and notice several cypress trees out off the bank by themselves spaced a good bit apart from one another. Most of the cypress trees on the lake were bunched up tight and right on the bank, but these weren't. The water had been falling all week and we figured this might pull the fish out on the edges. These lone trees were sitting right on a ledge that started to drop into the main channel of the lake. If we found cypress in 4-5 ft of water right next to the ledge that dropped to 8-10 ft., we hit the jackpot. Wish we woulda found that earlier in the day. So, day one we only weigh in 2 fish at 6.20 lbs. Leaders had 11.45 for 5 fish and 2nd had like 10.20 for 5 fish. We were in 3rd with 2 fish at 6.20 with big fish on day one going to us with a 3.90. Everybody else only weighed in one fish a piece with a few zeros. We had a ton of ground to make up but thought we had a good pattern going. Next day brought a slight lay down of the wind down to 5-15 mph and a direction change out of the W/NW. This was huge because it blew into where we found our fish late the day before and bunched the shad up like crazy along this particular shoreline. We knew we had alot of ground to make up and with the calmer winds, we went big fish hunting around these cypress trees with Jig & Pigs and I threw a big Culprit 10 inch worm in Red Shad. Long story short, we caught a ton of fish and started culling with 3 hours left in the tournament. We would drift down this 1/4 mile stretch of trees, catch fish, and ride back up and do it again. This went on for 8 passes! We get back to the weigh-in and think we might have done ok and cut into the lead a bit. The leaders weigh in ahead of us and weigh in a limit of 5 at 12.05 lbs. We needed 17.30 to take the overall lead and win the tourney overall. We weighed in 16.85 to win day 2 of the tourney but lose overall by 0.45 lb. and finish 2nd overall!! They had 10 fish at 23.50 lbs and we had 7 fish at 23.05 for the 2-day totals. Heckuva comeback if you ask me. If only we coulda had a limit on day one. Not bad for never seeing the lake a day before in your life. The leaders had fished it several times before. Our boat and the leaders were the only boats to relly stay on the main lake and not get out of the wind in the canals. It payed off. We'll get money for big fish on day one, winning day 2, and 2nd overall. Man that was fun. Here's a pic of our winning sack on Day 2 of 16.85 lbs with a 4.40 kicker.

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