A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of calls from Tim a.k.a. CCCalls on this board. Tim is located in Sumterville, Florida, not far from where I live in Brooksville, Florida. I have been admiring Timís calls for some time now and he had posted a picture of a call that he made called the ďFlorida Cracker BoxĒ that was made from three woods that can be found in Florida (cedar, red maple, and cypress) and I knew that I had to have one. Shortly thereafter Tim had posted another picture of a one sided call made with cedar and persimmon. I am a sucker for persimmon in a turkey call and had to have one of those too. Tim called last week and said the calls were ready so my daughter and I drove over to Timís shop that is located back in the woods next to a old time sawmill with stacks of cypress logs getting ready to be cut into planks. Tim shop overlooks a larger pasture that you would think be full of turkeys during the spring gobbler season. Tim is a very pleasant individual, salt of the earth and well grounded. Tim is a furniture maker by trade and my daughter and I looked at his photo album of the furniture that he has made over the years and it makes you wonder how a person has that much talent to take a raw piece of wood and turn it into fine furniture. Timís turkey calls are no exception. If you do not have one of Timís calls in your collection you should. The workmanship and finish on the turkey calls is flawless. It is one of the best sounding turkey calls that I have ever heard. I thought I was a fairly good turkey caller but after hearing Tim work his calls I am humble. I only spent thirty to forty five minutes with Tim Saturday morning but feel that I have known him much longer. He is the type of guy you cannot but help like. I have attached photos of the Florida Cracker Box Call and the one-sided cedar and persimmon call. In the photo next to the Florida Cracker Box Call is a scratch call made with the same three woods (cedar, red maple, and cypress), for a little call it has an excellent sound. These calls will have a prominent place in my collection but also will be in my fanny pack in the spring.