My wife got me a flyrod for my birthday back in August and I've been putting it to use on the weekends. I've got a house on Birdsong Creek and while everyone is sleeping in the morning I slip out and do some fishing. Caught a lot of bream and small bass the last few weeks and caught a largemouth that weighed about 3 lbs last weekend fishing the weedbeds on the flats across from the mouth of Birdsong Creek. Well yesterday we took the pontoon out to the beach on Rockport Island. I knew there wouldn't be many folks out boating so I threw the flyrod on the boat to get some exercise.
Caught a few bream wading out and fishing some treetops then around 5:30 in the afternoon I noticed the gar beginning to roll across the way in the shade. I tied on a small piece of white poly rope and told my friend Martin we were going to catch us a gar. We eased over there and on my first cast a brute came up and snatched the rope but didn't snag on it. I'm glad he didn't because he probably would have torn up my rod. About 10 or so casts later I had one thrash the rope and it was on. Took me about 10 minutes to wear him down and talk about a show. He was tail walking and stripping line off like crazy. He had me down to the backing two different times. \:D \:D I finally tired him out enough to get him up and get the rope off his beak. Martin took this picture as I got him up out of the water. Don't know what he weighed but he was as long as my arm. \:D The first one that struck was twice as long as this one. Oh well it was fun and he lived to get caught again. \:D \:D

I'm not a gynecologist but I'll take a look