Folks, here is some fishing news regarding crappie limits at Kentucky Lake from our bud and outdoor scribe Steve McCadams.
Check it out. - Taylor

By Steve McCadams

Dear Fellow Fishermen,
I'm writing to inform you of a meeting slated for Tuesday, September 9th at the Henry County Courthouse to address the proposal by TWRA to cut the daily creel on crappie by 50 percent on the TN portion of KY Lake. The meeting begins at 7 PM.
TWRA Commissioner Thomas Bub Edwards will attend. We hope some TWRA fisheries biologists will also be there to field questions.
Please help get the word out and I have enclosed a portion of a column I did last Friday in the newspaper.
Thanks for any assistance and feel free to call me at 642-0360 or Jim Perry at 642-8870.
Steve McCadams

By Steve McCadams

While duck hunters were up in the air over the duck season dilemma after last week’s TWRA Commission meeting Kentucky Lake anglers are scratching their heads regarding forthcoming changes.
TWRA fisheries division is proposing a reduction in the daily creel limit on crappie here at the Crappie Capital. While some anglers had seen petitions last spring regarding a reduction and also surveyed on the water by a TWRA creek clerk as to their thoughts on “no change” or “lowering the limit”, it seems very few were aware of the 50 percent reduction theory.
According to a news release last week, TWRA fisheries division made proposals to the wildlife commission at the Pickwick meeting and among the changes on the radar screen are cutting the crappie limit to fifteen (15) daily and a 10-inch minimum length limit.
That would be reducing the daily creel by half as presently the daily creel limit is thirty (30) per person.
Incidentally, the Kentucky portion of Kentucky Lake has already gone to a twenty (20) fish per person daily creel limit.
At stake would be a variety of factors, namely the bad publicity that could be perceived by both nonresidents and resident anglers. Tourism here sees big bucks generated by out of state anglers each year and cutting the limit down too low might not be in the best interest of local motels, restaurants, resorts, etc…
If someone drives a long distance and spends a lot of money they want to be able to take home several fish. Reducing the limit too low might work against attracting nonresidents to the area.
Twenty (20) seems to have a nice ring to it and would keep it simple for tourists fishing Kentucky Lake who might venture into Kentucky or Tennessee waters at the time. It also reduces the limit some and aids with the fishing pressure factor if year classes of fish are week due to inferior spawns.
In conclusion, anglers are just finding out about the 50 percent reduction and somewhat confused as to where the 15-fish number came from.
Meanwhile, bass anglers are advised that TWRA is also proposing the 18-inch statewide length limit on smallmouth be implemented at Kentucky Lake.
What are your thoughts? It would be a good idea to contact TWRA commissioners and voice your opinion.
The next TWRA commission meeting will be September 17-18 in Nashville but the October meeting of the commission is expected to be the one that takes action on fisheries regulations.