Man how embarrasing can it be!! Bass Pro had PSE and Browning archery reps at the bass pro store in Nashville this weekend!! So one of the reps is pulling back a Browning Rage compound bow and you guessed it!! KABLOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! I mean this thing went to pieces!! The top limb almost took Billy out and I mean out!! HE had just leaned over to get something and the top limb shot into the back wall and dented it!! I mean I saw this thing and man it was in 8 pieces!!! Wonder if tht customer will be buying a Browning!! LOL!! Glad know one was hurt. I will tell you that I have never seen a bow blown to pieces that bad in my life!! it looks like someone set a grenade on it!! Just mangled into pieces!! Unbelievable!! If you get buy bass pro this weekend ask to see it! You won't believe it!!
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