River up due to the much needed rain. walked a feeder creek to the mouth. Fished the breakline between clear and muddy. Caught about 7 smallies, Truly smallies <10". Only one Kentucky wanted his picture taken. The rest of em wanted to go home and nurse their sore jaws. 4" Zoom watermelon red lizard and 1/16th oz. Slider head. 6 lb. line and Natural light.
Last time I kayaked and should of walked. This time I walked and should of kayaked. Maybe I will get it right next time.
Also fished Turnbull in hopes of cleaner water. I did find cleaner water but only 1 smallie and 1 redeye.

And let me tell ya that plant next to that flower has got some nasty nettles on it. Hadnt been bit that bad by a plant since I left Texas 20 years ago.
always lookin