I was shooting my broadheads on my new bow for the first time today, the vains that came on them are straight. I started short to make sure i hit the target, and they were dead money at ten yards. My first test at twenty yards i cut a vain off bc they were so tighty. My second test at twenty yard, i missed the target once, and was on opposite sides of it the other two. My arrows almost started to knuckle like a knuckle ball.

This was really confusing, and i went to 4' fletchings that are right helical and they flew much much better. I was actually shooting better groups with those than my field tips.

This really concerns me about my blazer vains though because i really liked them. Any reason why they might be doing that?

I shoot muzzy 4blade 100g broadheads. But have heard the 3 blades shoot much better. Also i have been considering mechanicals.

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