Kinda. Last year I kept getting frustrated with my bow because it never would keep a steady group...dur..shooting it for hours on end was throwing it off because my arm muscles were getting tired. So this year I got it shooting good with a new hostage pro rest and have been shooting 2 shots from 20yd and 2 shots from 30yd every day and my groups have been getting better by the day. Now if I could make up my mind on broadheads and get my archery tag then Id be set.

As far as broadheads go, I want expandables with atleast 1 1/2" cut but that limits me to almost nothing besides RAGE heads, undertakers and a few others. Ive got a Glendel Full Rut target and the only thing Im afraid of if I get undertaker or rage heads is if its gonna rip the blades off the ferrule when I pull them out of the target?
Spike bucks come with their own meat skewers.

Alright, I'm here now who wants my autograph??