I will start off.
I like a bow with a atleast a 7 3/4 inch brace height, is quiet and can take a beating. If I can't throw it on the ground and step on it or bang it against something and then pick it up and hit as if I had just set it up then I am not hunting with it.
I like the general from Bowtech, Bear Bows and Diamond single cam bows.
I am actually thinking about getting the Redhead Toxic or Chronic from Bass Pro shops. Diamond makes them and they are just perfect for the money if you ask me. Bass pro is selling them 8 to 1 from what I here. They are just meat and potatoes tuff from everything I have looked at and they have the waterdog finish which is a great innovation this year if you ask me!!
I was shocked to see the waterdog on the Diamond edge kids bow. Gotta be the best kids bow I have ever seen.
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