Called to see if it had arrived at Dickson Sportsman store, No not here yet.
So I call Mathews and they say it ships tomorrow , So I say you all said 4-5 days. So she says It was just ordered Monday! So I thank her and call Dickson.

I ask why the bow that I ordered on noon Wed. last week didn't get ordered till the following Monday? Well so and so is off today should I have him call you tomorrow? I say No thank you don't want to hear any lies or excuses.

So that said, I'm lookin at next Tuesday now.

Darn it I hate it when I'm told 4-5 days and it takes 13 days. \:\( Or more
An optimist is one who makes the best of it when he gets the worst of it.

I'd be an optimist, but it probably wouldn't work for me....