I was putting up deerstands all day Monday and was walking out of the woods approaching my truck (parked off a dirt road) when I saw what I thought was a quail running through the grass. As I got closer, a momma hen turkey came out charging at me. Man was that an ugly sight. She puffed up huge and was flapping and squawking and trying to scratch me and peck at me. I was laughing and trying to back off but she just kept coming. I had dropped my treesaw and didn't have anything to knock her back with. After I had basically been fistfighting her and had backpeddled about 30 feet, she finally broke off her attack. She then started doing an alarm putt and running around me at about 25 feet out going "POCK!" "POCK!" "POCK!"... Even as I gathered up all the stuff I dropped and was putting it into the truck, she was circling the truck yelling at me and continued to do so until I drove off. I've never seen a mother so dedicated. I knew she was trying to divert my attention from her chicks.
If I knew how to post pics here, I'd post some of her running around me squawking as I was trying to leave.
It was the funniest thing that has happened to me in a long time.
Gotta watch those McNairy county turkeys...they've got issues!!!

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