I've done several guide trips as birthday presents, but I believe today might have been my first "Anniversary Present" trip. Chris Wolkonowski (TNDeer's "Quailman") says, "My friends are jealous of me because I've got a wife who likes to fish."

So what better gift could Quailman get Mrs. Quailman for their 12th anniversary but a beautiful August day chasing big blue cats on the Tennessee River (with me ).

What neat people. They call Greutli-Lager home (in Grundy County). They spend most of their fishing days on Tims Ford, but today got a pretty good dose of the Tennessee River. Most fish came drifting the traditional chicken breast in the river channel in 10 - 18 feet of water. Odd however because you'll find fish bunched in a particular stretch of river, and not others, even though there is no real discernible difference in structure.

Cats were pretty cooperative. We big caught a cooler full of eaters for them to take home, with a few real bragging-sized fish. And like yesterday, "Girls Rule" because Urla had the big fish of the day!

All caught on light tackle which provides "extra fun." I thought Urla was going to bite a hole in her lip when the big fish of the day took her for a ride.

Happy Anniversary! Life is good and gettin' better every day!

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