Tammy White and her boyfriend Jared came down from Michigan to visit her Dad up in Bradley County. Jared is a pretty hardcore angler, but had never had a taste of Southern Hospitality. He got some today... but the truth is, as Tammy said, "Girls Rule!"

Everybody caught some fish, but Tammy had the hot hand. We had a pretty good bite going the first couple of hours of daylight and then they kind of shutdown on us. We saw gar, and of course I mentioned we could try to catch some of those. Jared was loving that... but after she caught three or four gar, Tammy was ready to switch back to cats while Jared kept casting for gar.

She hung up and broke off once. I retied and she chunked it out again. A minute later she said, "I'm hung again," and handed me her rod.

I grabbed it, picked up on the tip, immediately handed the rod back and said, "Here... catch that fish."

To which she said, "That's a fish!"

It was and gave her a royal battle. I actually had to calm her down a little bit but she handled it like a trooper. A darn big cat on 8# test. Which means life is good and gettin' better every day.

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