Three bream rods, three big bass rods, three tackle boxes six changes of clothes and two hot batteries.

Headin out Monday early for AL with no set day to come home. My goal is 100, pound to pound and a half bream but I spect I'll experiment with bass a little, too. I have a pretty busy fall guiding and I want to try some new things. I'm taking the little boat so I can get way back in the timber and get into a couple of the smaller lakes back in the woods. I may even try a little night fishing on Lodge Lake where they have caught a 14 pounder this year. I'm anxious to try a version of the float and fly on big largemouth. The fly is 1/4 ounce. I'm also going to try bream immitator swim baits back in the thickets.

But mostly I am going just to go. White oak is where I go to cool down and cool off and calm the inner me. The last month has been just about pure he11 in terms of my body, mind and bank account. Time for a little fishing, a little rockin on the porch and some of Calvin's good cookin. I also sepct me and Mr. Robert will solve most if not all the world's problems. We might even shoot a hog or six if the notion hits us. With gas at $3.57, I can't afford not to go.

I'm going by myslef so I don't know what pictures I'll have but I'm sure I'll have something when I get back.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.