See, I was sittin here, all cleaned up and all and studying on what to do about supper. Tonight it is just me so I can do whatever I want. And then it come to me. I got this 2.5 pound walleye reposin in ice water. He's already cut up into frying chunks.

So I get out a green home grown just perfect for fried green maters and a I see I have a good vandalia onion. I have an aborted chicken or two I can beat to a froth and some clabbered milk to mix it with. I aint got any hog lard but I have Wesson imitater.

I'm going to go fry me some stuff directly and if it kills me, so what?

Sounds like a pretty good way to end a day on the river.

But I aint gonna show you no pictures cause if I do, y'all lips will flop up over your nose and start sucking snot like a cribbin mule.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.