I had the fine and pleasant honor of escorting Eric Maurer onto the Tennessee River waters Wednesday AM. Eric has forgotten more about catfishing than I ever knew. However I was supposed to have "Home Field Advantage" on water Eric had never fished before.

Well, I learned that the entire darn Tennessee River must be Eric's Home Field.

TVA decided to turn the faucet on non-stop today, so we were fishing HEAVY water (i.e. current) today. The fish don't care, it just makes it tougher on the fishermen.

True to form, we didn't catch numbers, but we ended up with some quality blue cats. Of course, EricM caught most of 'em... topped by a 25-pounder. We hit some tried and true spots, and then ran down to Moccassin Bend exploring. That didn't work.

So to end the day I introduced Eric to some longnose gar. The gar didn't appreciate it. Eric learned that catching the gar is only half the battle. Getting your lure back is the really fun part.

Life is good and gettin' better every day.

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