My long awaited, comprehensive, in depth somewhat accurate report on the the State of the Caney should come tomorrow. The infamous Big Bird AKA Buzzard Boy and I shall float from Hurricane bridge to Carthage. We plan to either go over, under or around the dam. We shall avail ourselves of the shuttle service provided by Brent, AKA Kayak Boy (Gil's name)and will be fishing primarily for fish.

Big Bird intends to sample the O2 content of the water by trying to breathe underwater. I shall test the downstream temperature by wading out to my personals and see how long I can stand there without switching sides or making an adjustment. It will be my longest outdoor adventure since I tried to remove a rock wall with my body. All the stitches and staples are out so I should be just about water tight, now. Big Bird leaves on Saturday for Alaska and I have promised to get him thrugh this in most of one piece.
I shall report back on the morrow.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.