My thumbs are raw from lipping bass to remove hooks. I fished a dogfight yesterday afternoon and got on a point that was stacked with bass. They would hit anything I threw at them. I started out with a crank bait and got tired of dealing with treble hooks and switched to a jig. They tore it up until I got it hung and broke it off. I then threw a Texas rigged lizard at them and they literally tore it off the hook. I think I used 6 lizards before I got tired of replacing lizards a started throwing a spinner bait. They ate it up on six consecutive casts. Then it stopped and I couldn't buy a bite. If my ciphering is correct I caught 52 bass on that point. One of which was over 15 inches. I bet I caught
30 that were 14 to 14.5 inches. Took one keeper back to the weigh-in.
I make good money, I help the Family, but one thing must be understood, I would never go against the Godfather. Ruger is a man I respect. Luca Brasi