Waves are high from the hurricane passing through Louisiana. I tried fishing the surf at sunrise yesterday morning, but could not wade into the water due to the big waves (red flags flying the last 2 days). I was throwing about 1.5 oz of weight with my 7-foot spinning rod, but got the overall impression that it was completely inadequate (especially casting all the way from the shore). I caught no fish, until after about an hour I had one hard hit (it felt like a strike to me) and the line was cut above my 3-way swivel.

I fished off the pier in the lagoon side for a bit, tying on a small hook and catching 5-inch pinfish and croakers with bits of squid for about an hour. One of my non-fishing friends came down, and was thrilled to catch the little fish.

I'm still looking for some food fish. Supposedly the waters should be calmer today or tomorrow.

Is it worth driving to one of the bridges and casting during the tide changes, or should I expect to do better from the surf if I just wade out some?

It's about a 15-20 minute drive to Perdido Pass, but I guess it might be worth it to actually catch something.
I'm hungry and tired. Don't poke my belly.