SO it takes me a good two hours to get to old hickory. but my wife and i went for my birthday this past weekend... After getting my [censored] pounded with 5 foot high waves and everything in the boat soaking wet in water (just have an aluminum open fishing boat) I decided to pull out of old hickory lake park, and ride further towards the river stayed at cedar creek campgrounds overnight... I didn't find where I wanted to fish until about dark saturday night, but it was about a 100 acre spot, close to 2'-5' in depth great cover under water and good shade over... Fished it hard until dark with only one fish caught.

I went back out to that spot again the following morning to see what would happen there in the morning time, I figured the water was just too hot, even in the evening. In the morning, not even a bite... well I found another cove under a bridge, prolly the next cove up from my previous "great spot" but I didn't get there til around noon... OK so at NOON in about 2'-3' of water, I was NAILING the bass on a WACKY WORM, with no weights, not even a jig head, just letting it float on a hook, Then my wife started catching them on a texas rig... SO we were on top and bottom catching fish in the shallow water with the wrong stuff... I thought that the fish go deep when it is hot?
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