Didn't wanna hijack the other thread.

I'm kinda new to cranks too. This was the first year I'd ever used them, and I had a blast especially in May and June. Bombers in a orange crawl were best.

How do the pros use them? Are they diggin the bottom on every cast?? Or do they often cast in open water to find suspended fish too?

This year, the only technique I used was casting parallel to the bank and lettin it just eat the floor up. Sometimes I'd burn it. I lost one very large LM this year because I forgot my net and was chicken lip her in with the DD-22 in her mouth. But I've not used any other technique except diggin the rock.

I've had absolutely no luck whatsoever with rattletraps (blue/silver chrome), and I've given them a fair shake. I've tried slow, fast, yo-yo, deep, shallow...nothing. Don't know what I'm doin wrong there.