I'm off to the annual dysfunctional family vacation in the am. South Georgia coast. Plenty of fishing, but neices and nephews will be doing most of the catching. 10 days, and I probably won't check in. I'll miss you all terribly!

Please get a really good juicy thread going for me to laugh at when I return.

Elk importation? Crossguns? Full-strut decoys? Shooting fawns? Broadhead vs. Mechanical? Row v. Wade?

What would happen if Tubakka and Bowriter slept in the same tent? I mean besides the smell.

Why is it that fly fisherman are so much better looking than conventional fishermen? \:D
It is not the killing ...; it is the contest of skill and cunning. The true hunter counts his achievement in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport.

Dr. Saxton Pope