Yesterday I got a phone call from Roger Combs. Some of you more mature guys may remember him. He has beaten prostate cancer and just had a hip replaced but is doing fine. But to help you remember, a little background.

Farm many years Roger was the Editor of Bow and Arrow Hunting Magazine. I was the at-large editor, Jim Dougherty was the feature writer, Charles Rowe was the ad guy and Mark Tiffault did whatever needed doing. Our writing staff included Judd Cooney, Joe Byers and many other top notch writers. We were all bow hunters and some of the best around at the time. We’d all shared many hunting camps and more than a few stellar times.

The magazine was sold to Margaret Yee- Y-Visonary. A new editor was brought in, Bob Torres. He was and probably still is an unethical idiot. Gary Cook can attest to that. Roger left. I left. Dougherty left. Cooney left. Rowe and Tiffault left. That should tell you something.

Anyway as Roger and I were catching up on various ailments, we started talking about his visit here back in ’82 and it was a sobering few minutes. “How’s Mickey doing?” “He’s dead.” “How about Russ?” “Died six years ago.” “You still fishing with Harold and Chuck?” “Both dead several years.” “Dang, do you have any friends left at all?” “Not too many and the ones that aren’t dying I am running off.”

So we started planning. Started talking about a get together of the old crew while we could still get together. We are thinking abut meeting Colorado, which is about halfway for all of us, at a place I know where we can have a couple or three cabins for free and a fire anytime we want one. A tape recording of the stories would be worth a lot of money.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.