There seems to be two hot topics regarding the Caney lately:

1) It needs better regs and more trophy fish.
2) The river is too crowded to fish.

Hmm.. I wonder what would happen if we had new regs, a slot, and trophy trout fighting each other for our flies and corn nibblets every trip... we'd have one hell-of-a crowded river thats what!

Not only would there be more pleasure floaters searching for treasure but you would have 10x more guides, "meathunters", and more people/fisherman period. Look how packed the river is now, with trophy regs one can only wonder what kind of crowds & "commercializing" this river would attract. I guess the point is that we cant have it both ways. This is a freakin "put and take" fishery people, enjoy it for what it is, and be thankful it's as good as it is.

From what Ive seen there are 3 groups of us

a)Those in the upper crust, the 100% C&R flyfishing and tournament elite, "Gimme gimme those trophies!" (Disclaimer: NOT TO OFFEND : this is a very small BUT outspoken group. ALOT of C&R guys are very good people who dont push their beliefs on anyone...)

b)Those on the bottom, "meateaters", "Fill that bucket till it overflows Jimbo!"

c)And finally, the mighty group in the middle. Those of us that fish with all gear, for all species of fish, and yes sometimes we eat all of them "Who the heck cares what they're doing, Im going to enjoy this God-given resource for another day..."

I should put this man's quote in my sig line: "big fish should be a suprise not an expectation." -Stalker