The Compleate Angler----Revisited

I read this in an article. ďWhen the fish jumps, you bow to it, honor it.Ē probably I have never read a more horsehite statement. Of course that is a flyfishermanís term. The rest of us jack that suckerís jaw and get him back in the water.

Why open this thread with that statement? To show the diversity or divergence that exactly parallels the crossbow/vertical bow controversy. Only now it is in fishing. I, for one, am pretty dam tired of it.

Those on this forum who really know me, know I donít give a fart in the wind about how you fish. As long as it is legal and you enjoy it, I am in your corner. But recently an ugly head has been raised and I for one, dam sure donít like it. This is not about size limits or slot limits or any of that.

The veteran fly guys on here, the really good ones, never once, ever demean any other means of fishing. Why should they? They do what they do and they do it well. Not one time have I ever heard Gil or Brian or some others badmouth a bait fisherman or any kind of fisherman. But there are some that if fishing with bait is tantamount to having sex with your sister. Well let me tell you right now. I have seen your sister.

Iíll say right up front. I almost never fish with live bait and never for trout. But I sure have no problem with those that do and if it strikes me just right, Iíll dang sure do it. Just as I donít keep trout, regardless of the size. But if I want to, I will.

This all knowing, all seeing superiority complex that is starting to rear itsí head on this forum, just flat pisses me off. I have tried, through humor and sarcasm tried to steer some of the threads away from a pissing contests. I guess that is over some heads.

Guys/gals we are all fisherpersons. Not one single one of us has any more right or privilege than another. We are angling equals. Do you get that? We are all equal in the eyes of pescado. Not a single one of us deserves any more or less consideration that any other legal fisherman.

Now you can bow and honor a jumping fish if you want to. Iím going to jack that suckerís jaw.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.