Another thread got me thinking about this...

I started thinking about this in regards to another thread. During the late ‘60’s and early ‘70’s I lived in either Casper or Laramie, Wyoming. I traveled the Rocky Mountain West a lot, going to and from rodeos. I fished a lot of trout waters.

I fished the Madison, the Yellowstone and Flaming Gorge. I fished the north and south forks of the Powder River and Crazy Woman Creek, too. I fished the Platte and I fished Boxelder. I fished everything around Bozeman and Missoula. I fished some lakes up the Tetons that probably didn’t have names. I fished the Wind River for two weeks solid. I fished private Indian lands.

I fished out there a lot.

I never caught a trout, brown or ‘bow over three pounds. That’s just an average Caney Fork trout. Don’t let the allure of the romantic mountains and the fabled streams cloud the truth of what you actually have right here.

Two years ago when I shared a boat with Tom McEntire (Field and Stream) on the Platte, the guide could not believe it when I told him it was normal to catch over a dozen trout above eight pounds out of the Caney in a year. Tom said, “Yeah, unfortunately that is true. They have three times the fishery we do.”

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.