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To everyone who fishes the Caney:

As we all know, the Caney Fork is a great trout tailwater, but it gets more fishing pressure than just about any other trout water in Tennessee. With the river fishing really well for the last couple years, a lot of discussion has been starting about strengthening the size regulations on the river.

Current regs include no size limit on rainbow trout, with a "trophy" limit on brown trout where people can keep no more than two over 18" per day.

I support improving the size limits, but I've noticed that there are a lot of different thoughts floating around about what limits would be best. I have tried to include all the different options I've heard. If we can, I think it's best to speak with one voice on the issue. Therefore, I'm putting out "feelers" on several boards to see if there's any consensus about what the most popular size limit rule would be.

Let me know what you think!