SO, I didn't like that the good blinds were 300 to 400 bucks, I decided to make one myself... about 120 bucks for what I came up with... <--- you can go there to get deer blind netting it's roughly $70 (+ S&H) for a 7'10" X 30'
I believe it's cateragorized as camo net / netting

take some 2"x2"s make two 6' squares, run four more 2"x2" beams inbetween the two. and you have the outline to an outhouse... =)

But then you can lay your camo netting out, And roll and attach ( I use staples ) the netting to your frame. Wide side would be rolling, you will figure it out if you try this!

NOTE: I also add extra support in my frame. I have made them without x-tra support, but would not recommend it!making a triange brace in the corners works very well. I am soon to begin construction on another blind. Anyone interested in me posting some pictures?
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