Is it just me or is anyone else trying to fish the tailwaters and it seems that TVA isn't cutting off when they say they are cutting off? I have only seen this once in 20 some years, but three times in two weeks?

Now I know it's big dam, and it says "subject to change without warning", but twice this week they did not cut off at Melton Hill when they said they would. Once they kind of cut off and then seemed to purge water or whatever about 10 min. later, and we had to scramble to get out of there. Yesterday, Norris took it's on slow sweet time to cut off as well.

Anybody else had this problem, or can answer what's going on. I must say I will take TVA and their phone or computer line over the Corps of Engineers anyday, but hey, at the price of gas to drive there, then the gens. don't cut off when they say.....
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