fished from bettys to stonewall , saw lots of fish just not hungry ones.boated 2 bows 16" and 1 14" ,lost one brown looked to be around 18".saw more people than ever! counted 40+ cars at bettys and more than 50 at happy hollow.guess the word is truly out! saw a fish not far from stonewall headed upstream at least 48" long. had a long nose like an alligator gar. couple of kayakers said they saw it to and they thought it was a spoonbill catfish. anybody else see it? didnt think spoonbills were in that did you fair shoreman? was that you gil in the riverhawk going upstream with 2 others in the boat? if so did the flies do anybetter than the spinning gear? that was my slowest day in a long time. I credit it to the moon and the 500+ people on the water