Went wiper fishin 2day and did'nt catch $#!@ except for this bow and lost 20$ worth of lures though! Let me tell you about this bow....I was anchored on the river waiting for the water to rise,right above a tree stump fishin for wipers, and all the sudden this bow came swimmin and dancin rollin around the stump. I was gettin very irritated to see this fish mockin me in the corner of my eye so....
I threw every thing at it but did not bite (very bashfull),So I threw in my secret Corn Fly... When that sucker saw the high def. color on that corn fly on the first cast..BAMMM sucker hit it immediately and it gave me a hell of a fight on my bream pole! I LOVE HYBRID FISHIN ! Threw the bow overboard after the pic It measured properly at 21". I need to throw out them fly's more often! \:D

Down in a hollor....son