See, I got home about noon and put a package of bream fillets out for supper. Then I mowed the back yard and took care of some office stuff. Then I realized I was really in more hungry than I have been in a couple weeks. So I started thinking-I donít have to wait for supper to eat those fish. I can eat them right now.

I had some Newmanís Best, Caesar dressing and a tad of buttermilk. So I mixed in a couple eggs and beat the heck out of that. While I was doing that, I noticed a baseball size green tomato and a slightly larger, juicy ripe red one. I sliced them both. Then, while I was seasoning the cornmeal, I spied this huge Vidalia onion. So I sliced me a couple slabs of that.

I put the green tomato and fish fillets in to soak and poured me a big, mixed drink. ľ Sprite Zero and ĺ unsweetened ice tea. By then, the oil was hot so I battered my green tomatoes and slipped them along with four of the bream fillets in the oil. When they got golden, I took them out to drain and put the last four of the fillets in.

I then ate every single bite and immediately took a nap.

Is this living or what? I like this lupper thing.

Constipation has ruined many a good day. Not as many as stupidity, though.