1. What hooks do you guys use??

I use a 3/0 or 4/0 EWG Gamakatsu hook when fishing worms or tubes. I almost always fish them T-rigged. Tubes are by far my favorite bait to use, but I'm missing too many fish. The shape of the hook angles back into the tube making a hook-set more difficult. All of the EWGs I've seen look similar in shape. All too often, I'll set the hook only for the fish to jump and get off (crankbaits even more so). Or better yet, I'll get the fish in the boat only to find the hook barely breaking the skin on the top of the throat. That just seems impossible as hard as I set the hook. Anyone who fishes with me will tell you I'm a bit wild when I jerk.

2. Can the type of line you use have that much effect on how well you feel the bite?

My dad put some line on my reels a few weeks ago and it seems like I can't feel the bite very well now. Almost always, I'm used to feeling a bump-bump, or one bump. But lately, it seems like I just pull up and the fish is there. No bite, no warning, no line shift. Nothing. And by the time I recognize the fish, it's too late. He's felt the weight, and he lets go.

Thanks for the feedback.