The Caney Fork has been a hot topic on this forum for a while. Lots of folks have been PMing me wanting to know about the Caney or how to fly fish. I'm no pro, but Chris Nischan, Monday night's speaker is.

The huge majority of insects on our southern tailwaters are midges. Many folks are put off by fishing such a tiny bug imitation. I used to be to, but since I learned the technique, I have caught the majority of my fish on midges and small flies. Here's your chance to learn how and to meet some folks that can help you. Hope to see a good tndeer contingent at the meeting!

Spotlight on Successful Midge Fishing

July 21, 2008 TU Meeting Speaker of the Month

Guide Chris Nischan

- Dr. Dick Davis

Having fished on the Caney Fork offering endless flies to the trout gods with no bites, I know how frustrating an experience it can be. Watching trout sipping bugs on the water surface with faint rings, you know they are eating, just not your offering of gourmet flies. Suddenly, you shout down river to an angler netting one trout after another. “What are they taking?” He shouts back, “midges.” Suddenly, you quake in your wading boots since you’ve never tied a midge on small tippet nor know how to properly fish it. You wished you'd come to that TU meeting about midge fishing. Don't worry, you haven't missed it, it's coming up at our next TU meeting on Monday, July 21, 2008. Chris Nischan will be our featured speaker and will provide us with pearls of wisdom on how to be successful fishing with midges and small flies.

Chris Nischan…Guide and Conservationist

Local guide Chris Nischan ( will be presenting, “How to Midge Fish Successfully.” As a guide for over 20 years, Chris has been an Orvis Endorsed Guide for 15 years. He is currently a licensed guide in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Arkansas for both trout and warm water fishing. Chris has serves on the TU Board and conducts fly fishing schools and has participated in numerous guide training courses. If you’ve ever fished the Caney Fork, Elk River, Cumberland River or the South Holston River, then there is a good chance you’ve run into Chris and seen his professionalism first hand. In addition, if you’ve ever hunted, you’ve probably never seen him in his camo hunting for deer, duck, and turkey in Tennessee and elk in Montana.

Catching More Trout ….Learning to Midge Fish

If you would like to hear more about midge fishing to improve your odds fishing for trout, then you’ll want to attend the next TU meeting, Monday July 21, 2008 at the Caney Fork Fish Camp Restaurant. Need a map or more info? Go to , social hour at 6 pm, dinner to follow with presentation at 7 pm. Chris will also be tying midges during the social hour for those interested in learning the fly pattern.

Dr. Dick Davis, President Cumberland TU Chapter

Trout Unlimited • Cumberland Chapter • P.O. Box 331991 Nashville, TN 37203 •

Black fly larva...

Most of the below are midge imitations...

It is not the killing ...; it is the contest of skill and cunning. The true hunter counts his achievement in proportion to the effort involved and the fairness of the sport.

Dr. Saxton Pope