I posted this on another fishing forum. Thought it might be useful to someone here. Most of the samples are from fishing on JPP.

Several months ago the issue of barometric pressure came up. It's partially why I started keeping a fishing log this year.

I use a "Great," "Good," "Fair," "Poor" system. A "Great" trip would be exceedingly above average (lots of fish, very active bite), and a "poor" trip would be considered exceedingly below average (zero bites, zero action, zero fish). Everything in between would be "Good" and "Fair." Unless otherwise indicated, all trips were for bass fishing only.

Red entries represent a barometric pressure ranging from 29.90 through 30.10, the preposed optimum fishing condition.

Here are the results after 31 fishing trips, 198 fish, 12 locations (mostly on the same lake) this year:

30.03 rising
29.19 falling (trout fishing)
29.71 rising
30.2 rising

GOOD (10)
30.06 rising
29.95 rising
29.96 rising

30.15 steady
29.85 rising
30.10 steady (trout fishing)
30.05 rising (trout fishing)
30.00 steady
29.90 rising
30.10 steady

FAIR (10)
29.5 steady
30.01 rising
29.99 steady
30.09 steady
29.93 rising
29.91 rising
29.95 rising
29.90 rising

30.3 steady
30.3 falling

POOR (7)
30.10 steady
29.85 steady
29.83 rising
29.8 rising
30.05 falling
30.00 rising

30.2 steady

So far, there is absolutely no direct correlation between good fishing and a barometer ranging from 29.90 - 30.10.

The article "Bass And The Barometer" (http://home.comcast.net/~rkrz/infoarch/fyibarometer.htm) suggests that optimum conditions are between 29.98 and 30.02, a small window of opportunity for sure since pressure can change rapidly. To test if this range is a more accurate parameter for success, I'd have to secure more data than the 31 trips so far.

Another reasonable conclusion to draw here is that most of the trips I've made have been made while the barometer is within the 29.90-30.10 range. Twenty of 31 exactly.

If anyone else has specific data, please share it. For me, I have serious doubts about pressure having any great effect on fish. That's just the early conclusion I'm drawing so far. But I'm no scientist either.