I purchased this rest last year and installed it on a Kodiak Titan 34 recently .
The rest is a full containment rest with a plastic launcher support arm on the bottom ,and two brushes at the top . Fletching is oriented so it passes between the support launcher and the two brushes at the top . The brushes are then set so they just touch the arrow to support it on the launcher .

Centershot and elevation were easy to set up ,and paper tuning was a breeze , obtaining bullet holes within the first half dozen shots . Arrow flight is good downrange . No fletching contact on containment arms .

Arrows can fall off launcher if the bow is laid on your lap while hunting . This isn't a problem when maneuvering for a shot while the bow is vertical .The felt on the launcher arm shows some wear , and the brushes will wear out after time . Replacements are free by contacting NAP .

Overall this is a good capture rest , and eliminates the fletching wear issues associated with the Whisker Biscuit .
Just thought I would share this review .