As alot of you folks here have seen some of my post around the forum here and there. I am from Lake County Tenn. I was over in Obion County today doing some work around my parents place trying to get it ready to sell due to losing both of them last year. When I was leaving there today, I had decided to take the long way back home around thru the hills between Elbridge and Minnick. As I was coming around a curve on one of the back roads, I had to stop right in the curve to let 2 turkey hens and 47 young turkey poults cross the road. The 2 hens started across about the time I got halfway thru the curve, then here came all the poults in single file behind them, may have been more as I was starting to become cross eyed from counting all the poults lol. I have been seeing alot of turkeys the last couple of years up that way, have seen quite a few poults as well, but today took the cake, as I have never seen so many at one time in one place together. I would say that they would weigh in around a pound and a half each, it was a real site to behold, am so glad that I decided to take the back roads home. Am gonna have to start carrying my camera with me from now on when I go up there.Well guess I have rattled off enough about this so I hope everyone else around with turkey on their property has a good crop of younguns like I saw today.