Here's a little story about a man (myself) trying to buy a new bow. Bow season is fast approaching and I decided to get a new bow. After many hours of researching the net and shooting countless times I decided on a Diamond The Rock. No big deal. There are a few Diamond dealers in my area. I call the first shop. "I'm sold out but I can order you one quick." OK sounds good to me since it's only 5 miles from work. 2 weeks later, still hasn't came in. I call another shop about 60 miles away. "I'm sorry, we are sold out." I call Bass Pro Shops (20 miles away but not my first choice). "We have plenty." I leave work early, drive down and all they have are the package deals. I need the bare bow. "We are sorry, that's the only way they come." Yeah sure. Finally I call Gander Mountain (60 miles from home). I had been to Gander the week before and they only had 2 left handed bows. I need right handed. I specificaly ask if they have right handed, "We sure do." I drive the 20 miles back from Bass Pro and the other 60 and guess what, only 2 they have are left handed! "I can order you one ASAP." Heard that one before. No thanks. Dejected I get in my truck, which loves gas anyway, and drive back to Bass Pro and buy the package. I figure I can take their cheap sights, rest and quiver off and sell on Ebay and try to make some of my money back (it's $100 more than the bare bow). Moral of the story is after driving almost 200 miles I got the bow I wanted kinda and I will never spend another dime at Gander Mountain. And by the way, the first shop still hasn't called. It is 3 weeks today.

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If ducks are fooled by plastic decoys, you are really just doing them a favor by shooting.

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