Had a real blast! I just absolutely love watching youngsters catch fish, and get REALLY excited about it. Bo Ellis and his son Kevin came up from Chatsworth, Ga. to fish with me (on Chickamauga Lake in Chattanooga). We played with the bass a while at daylight, but they were just marginally cooperative. Switched to catfish and I think we had a triple on the first drop, plus several more throughout the day. I went through LOTS of chicken breast, which is fine with me when it's because we're catching fish. Kevin was smokin' Dad for a while and said, "This is the first time I've ever caught more than you Dad." With his chest puffed out a little extra, voice oozing bravado, he said, "I believe there's a new Sheriff in town." I loved it. The fish seemed to be bunched in various spots ... but we found them anywhere from 36 feet down to 60 feet. Bo had hold of one horse that was ripping drag and had him hanging on for dear life. Sadly, he just came unbuttoned after about 10 or 15 seconds. Sometimes the big ones really do get away. Life is good and gettin' better every day!

Went after the blues today with Jerry Jennsonne, his grandson Nico (Nicolas), and his son-in-law Tim. Jerry works for the city of Chattanooga and had relatives in town for a visit. The fish were a little slower than yesterday, but we had plenty of action and they went home with more fish than I think Jerry wanted to clean. Didn't count but I say we boated about 25, mostly eaters with a few quality fish. Besides the blues we caught a couple of real nice channel cats and even one little flathead.... a Tennessee River trifecta. Tim had on one trophy cat. Fought him a LONG time and just about had him whipped when he came unglued. We got a good look at him. I suspect he would have been between 25 and 30. As I told Tim, he got all the fun without the picture to show for it. But they were thoroughly impressed with our water, and the fish. Life is good and gettin' better everyday!

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