Went crappie fishin under lights last night,,,that's the first time since 1987-88,,,we used to do this every year, then I went to fishin local bass tourney's and just give up summertime crappie fishin,,,last night started out slow, got rained on just before dark,,,then it was 11:30 before we got the first bite,,,we were just tight lining minnows under the lights and the bite was so subtle, there was no "thump" thump" to the bite, you would just see slack come in your line,,,we lost several at first but soon got with the game,,,we got run off the lake about 2:00am by a storm, but had 12 big slabs to show for our effort,,,we only had to measure 1,,,most were 2+lb fish,,,it was fun.
Gone Huntin/Gotta Luv It