I bought a 2007 Tracker 175TXW last year and have had to take the trolling motor that came with it back to the Bass Pro 5 times already! They replaced a part I put it in the water and use it for about 15 20 minutes and it shorts out every time they claim they have fixed it. This last time they claimed that it was the boat so I took the boat to them (that costs in gas, I live about 55 miles from them) shop supervisor lifts up the battery compartment and pushes a circuit breaker button that had popped and the motor worked. I asked "so, what is causeing it to pop?" He says "it is just getting hot in the water, this is common"...I am like ?????????????? That makes no sense but whatever he says I am good to go. So off to the lake the family and I go. AGAIN 15 MINUTES IN THE WATER AND IT SHORTS OUT!! I go back and this time I am working with the store manager. I told him I wanted a new one, and he agrees then calls back and says that since it is over 12 months old (2 yr warranty) that he would have to call Motor Guide. (to be honest I do not care what they have to do I should get a new one) but they decide to try and fix it again. (more gas for the road trip up there plus a guy can not walk in a Bass Pro and not buy anything) My wallet is hurting... They call me the next day and say that the problem must be in my boat. (checked it before I went up there...I got 12.5 volts at the recepticle where my trolling motor plugs in and the motor still does not work.) I told them I was really confident that it was the trolling motor not the boat, then I remembered that water had been coming out the shaft ever since they worked on it last time. They checked it out this morning and GUESS WHAT...They messed up the seals the last time they replaced a part in the trolling motor and that was causing water to get in and short circuit the mortor and controls. THEY STILL WILL NOT GIVE ME A NEW ONE AFTER IT HAD WATER ALL UP IN THE LOWER UNIT AND ALL THE CIRCUITRY!!! They want to replace the seals and dry it out, and let me have it back. I am so at Bass Pro for the way I have been treated. Cabelas would never treat a customer this way! Wish we had one!
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